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Have breakfast with Lavilia

DSC_0008DSC_0024DSC_0005Breakfast – It should be tasty. And, of course, useful. And yet – beautiful, because it’s so important that the morning begins with something pleasant, bright and home-warm. The smell of fresh pastries, cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, bacon, fresh salad and cheese – is not the best fit to say: “Today is my day”
And if you travel and stay at the hotel – your breakfast will be the starting point of your perfect day. It does not matter if your business visit or rest-breakfast will make it lucky and unique.
The Lavilia restaurant buffet is not just a morning meal of the freshest products delivered in the evening. This is the love and care of the chefs, their understanding of each and every individual, and each individual taste. Pancakes with delicate filling, canapés with fragrant salami, juicy cheeses, salads with fragrant greens, author’s sauces, fairy-tasting pastries, from which you simply waggle in the head – all this and many more and there is a breakfast in Lavilia.
Order breakfast at the tel. (068) 355-94-59 or at the hotel reception. Breakfast cost 95uah.