Conference room for 35 people and a family restaurant in Kiev Lavilia Hotel
Conference room for 40 people

The Fireplace Hall (35 seats) is a place that combines calm and family comfort, functions as a chamber hall with classical European cuisine. Here it is good to have a delicious dinner with your loved ones, relatives and friends – with candles, in a warm, glittering fire of a fireplace.

The hall is a 100% reproduction of the dining room of S. Lebedintsev’s estate, the favorite of Krzysztof Lavalsky.

Terms of the action in the Fireplace Hall:

Average check 800 UAH. per person

The fireplace room is designed for up to 35 people.

Subject to the above conditions, it is allowed to bring their alcoholic beverages (quality certificate is mandatory).

Open core service (unpacking your alcoholic beverages). Which includes all the necessary nuances of service, reception, reconciliation of the term of realization, recounting, transportation to the hall, exploitation of glasses and glasses, cooling in a freezer compartment and subsequent disposal of containers.

Service cost – 30 UAH per person.

For reservations, a 10% discount is available for guests.

For newly-married couples there is a discount of 50% for SUZ category.

Also, the restaurant provides additional services such as

Decor and Floristics
Outgoing ceremony (2000 UAH)
Candy – Bar (20 uah – for 1 person)
Organization of receptions (20 UAH per 1 person)
Services of makeup artists, hairdressers, cosmetologists, manicure, pedicure.
Free Photo and Video shooting on the territory (for guests who do not celebrate with us a feast – 250 UAH / 1 hour).
Photos and videos in Suite Suite 500grn / 1h

The permission to work is not regular flora paid in the amount of 1000 UAH.

If a regular florist works in the hall, the customer does not pay for his work.

Outdoors ceremony

Renting a courtyard for a visiting ceremony costs 1000 UAH.

Set for a visiting ceremony (an arch, a table for painting, a track, chairs with covers up to 15 pcs) costs 2000 grn.


If the customer brings his cake. This service is additionally paid for its cost is 20 UAH. from the person (in the cost of the service, including storage, cake serving in the room, cutting the cake, operation of appliances and dishes for serving). If the cake is ordered in a restaurant, the service is included in the cost of the cake.

Candy is a bar

Making and making products on the kendi – a bar can be ordered at the restaurant. If the customer brings his sweets to the kendry bar, his organization costs 20 UAH. from the person


Organization of a buffet when ordering dishes for a buffet at a restaurant is not paid. If alcoholic, non-alcoholic and fruit drinks are served on the buffet, then the organization of such a buffet is 20 UAH. from the person

Musicians of the customer

For the connection of equipment of musicians a fee of 500 hryvnias is taken.

The restaurant’s hall is open until 23.00 after paying 1000 UAH / 1 hour (music is only allowed in the background)

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