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Birthday at the Lavilia restaurant is a great idea!
Questions that begin to worry in the first place, when another birthday is just around the corner – where to celebrate, restaurants or cafes, what menu to order …

Many people dream of celebrating the Birthday in the restaurant, although not all have yet decided where to do it best. Lavilia restaurant for Birthday is the best option, because this institution successfully combines

exquisite classic interior and high-class European and author’s cuisine.

Name-day guests are invited to many restaurants in Kiev; To celebrate the birthday in the old aristocratic entourage can offer only a few, including Lavilia. The culprit of the celebration has the opportunity to choose a festive menu, guided by their own preferences and recommendations of experienced administrators of Lavilia.

If you have any questions, how to meet your birthday, where to choose which restaurants to choose, then simply call the administrator of the restaurant Lavilia, and all questions will be resolved immediately. To celebrate a birthday in a restaurant of this high class means organizing a holiday, during which all will be thought through to the smallest detail.

Such a service, like the celebration of Birthday, offers many restaurants in Kiev; mark the birthday in Lavilia – the most convenient and convenient option. Those who decide to celebrate their birthday in Lavilia restaurant can be sure that it will be remembered as the culprits of the celebration, and their numerous guests.

Ordering a banquet for Birthday in Lavilia – birthday men get a 10% discount for all menus Celebrate the Birthday with us!

Hotel for rent for a day. The action is on an ongoing basis

1. The rental includes:

banqueting hall;
7 rooms;
green territory (including a terrace for 25 people);
2. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are yours. Open core service is a gift from the institution!
3. The organization of a buffet table for your guests as a gift!
4. Renting our hotel complex you get a 20% discount on the decor of the railing with live or artificial flowers
5. Discount of 10% on the elements of the visiting ceremony: a carpet track of 8 meters, a satin finish on the path, an arch, a table for painting
6. And also you get a 20% discount on the decor of the banquet hall: covers and bows for chairs, an arch to the banquet hall, floral compositions from artificial or real flowers

* Other special offers are not available for promotion

The action is on a permanent basis every day

1. 10% discount for all menus
2. Number for swaddling, feeding and sleeping a baby with a discount of 50%

Dishes with a 30% discount
* Discounts can not be combined with other special offers. Discounts are valid on a permanent basis

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