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Early booking

Of course, a good hotel in Kiev do not find that easy. Booking of hotels is constantly looking for people available rooms terminate the telephones of hotels Kiev. A search for the good, and with the low cost of the hotel becomes a real challenge for newcomers. Prices are among the main criteria for choosing the hotel for guests. Yes, Kiev hotels and their prices do not differ democratic. And the phrase “I need an inexpensive hotel in Kiev,” pronounced the guest already mentally prepared for the low level of comfort and service. Hotel reservation mid-market offers a decent alternative to the search of cheap hotels in Kiev already in place. Deals Lavilia – early booking discount.

Our hotel – it is not only history, but also a good repair, comfortable furniture, a decent interior, attentive staff. Give us a call or view rooms on our site, you will see that the cost of living in our hotel in Kiev is acceptable to everyone. We have a hotel in Kiev, where you will spend time in terms of luxury, comfort and understanding.

Especially cautious guests of our hotel has a special offer “early booking”* .If bookings on any day for at least 14 days days special price with 20% discount.

Wishing you a pleasant stay, the hotel Lavilia Kiev.

*from 14.10.2015

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