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Planning a vacation with friends or want to organize an unforgettable bachelor / hen party? And yet at an affordable price?
Then the package spa programs from the beauty salon Lavilia Bellazza Williams 36 are ideal for you – Benefit up to 30%!
№1. Finnish sauna + Fruit / “Plate for beer” + Body massage “Sixth sense for basic or aroma oil 30 minutes” + Tea = 2 hours = 1650 UAH;There is always time for yourself .. In the midst of events, work and urban gamma – so I want to find yourself pleasing, sweet and soothing. Or, on the contrary, when the soul asks for a courageous, adventurous or unusual idea to be implemented?

The philosophy of our beauty salon is precisely this. We understand how important it is to find the optimal solution, ideal for you, and just for your mood. It does not matter – you came to a haircut or manicure, cosmetology or massage – you know – you will have a wonderful mood and a wonderful sensation. And everyone will see it.

The professionalism of our masters is the basis of our confidence. We will do everything perfectly – or we will not take work, it’s our credo. However, at the same time, our masters will be able to advise or propose solutions based on many years of experience and the latest trends in the world of beauty.

We are pleased to offer you various massage techniques – from classical to exclusive – in the performance of a true professional. The warmth and strength of the hands of the wizard will help you recover strength, get rid of muscular and articular pain. Our massage will help you to relieve stress and relax. In the cozy office, which is located directly in the beauty salon, you can enjoy the work of our professional craftsman under the soothing SPA-music.

Everything – in one place. Make stack or shave. Manicure or cosmetology procedure. Drink a cup of white tea with a macaroni. To visit a massage salon, a sauna with a “starry sky”, or a salt room – all this is possible in our beauty salon. Well, is not a fairy tale?)

Come to us, your expectations will surely be surpassed, and as a present you will receive a lot of pleasure and relaxation.

Book and ask for current promotions at + 380 (98) 564-75-13. SIGN IN “Lavilia love you” PROMOTION and get a 10% discount.

Services for men

Hairdressing services
ServicePrice (grn.)Time (min)
Men’s haircut25040
Men’s grooming machine at15020-25
Men’s haircut model30060
Beard and mustache design (model)12010-15
Modeling beard and mustache25030-35
Blasting gray hair30025-35
Blasting gray hair40040-45
Nail service
ServicePrice (grn.)Time (min)
Classic manicure (complex)25040-45
Classic / hygienic / acid pedicure40060
Hardware pedicure complex50075-90

Services for women

ServicePrice (grn.)Time (min)
Manicure female (classic / European)15040
Cover with gel lacquer Komilfo17030
Nail coating French gel lacquer20040
Nail coating lacquer Kodi12025
Removing gel lacquer5040
Removing ordinary lacquer3015
Designer nail coating with gel lacquer32045-60
Design of one nail (stenting, patterns, crystals)3010
Therapeutic covering of nails (fortification)20020
Giving nail shape8025
Grafting of nails (1 ton)500160
Grafting of nails French600180
Correction of enlarged nails450120
Correction of enlarged nails is complete /French550160
Removal of enlarged nails20060
Parafinotherapy for hands20045
SPA care for hands (scrub, oil, cream)18025
Children’s Manicure8025
ServicePrice (grn.)Time (min)
Pedicure Female (European / Acid)30060
Pedicure combined / hardware45075-90
Nail coating with gel-lacquer Kodi26040-45
Nail coating with gel-lacquer French28040-45
Nail coating with gel-lacquer Komilfo24040-45
Nail coating with lacquer Kodi18030
Removing gel lacquer9060
Form and correction of nails on legs10025
SPA foot care20030
Paraffin therapy for the feet30040
Foot massage20030
ServicePrice (grn.)Time (min)
Make-up dailyfrom 40040
Evening makeupfrom 60090
Makeup for holidays80090-120
Makeup Test25020-25
Correction of the shape of the eyebrow8015
Painting Eyebrow Paint12015
Painting of henna eyebrows15020-30
Eyelash Extensions10015
Eyelash extension (price depends on volume of work)from 350120
Depilation (Wax / Shugaring)WaxShugaring
Depilation over the lip / chin80130
Depilation paddy cavities100150
Depilation hands to the elbow100200
Depilation legs to the knee150240
Depilation Legs completely300260
Depilation Hands completely200250
Bikini classic (Women)270350
Deep bikini (women)350450



ServicePrice (grn.)Time (min)
Massage of back medical and wellness25030
Massage of back medical and wellness30045
Massage is a classic whole of the body60090
Massage is a classic whole of the body50060
Relaxation massage (whole body)50090
Relaxation massage (whole body)45060
Massage of neck and collar zones18020
Lumbar Massage18020
Massage lymph drainage45060
Face massage is a relaxing skin type skin care product55090
Stop massage35030
Anti-Cellulite Massage (Golife Zone)45060
Anti-cellulite complex massage (manual)60090
Honey Massage (Golife Zone)40050
Honey Back Massage (Therapeutic)35030
Chocolate wrap65090
Chocolate massage60060
Massage thighs with vacuum tubes40060
Massage thighs with vacuum tubes (anti-cellulite complex)550120
Grass Massage (Wellness)40090
Wellness back massage (osteochondrosis, scalp, radiculitis)35045
Children’s back massage up to 12 years28020-30
Massage is common with cerebrospinal fluid35040
Massage is common with cerebrospinal fluid (one time)70060
General massage with cerebral palsy (course up to 5 sessions)300060
Total massage with cerebral palsy (course up to 10 sessions)500060
Orthopedic massage from 3 to 7 years25020
Scaling the entire body30020
Propark broom45060

Hairdressing services

Haircuts, styling
ServicePrice (grn.)
1 length.2 length3 length.4 length
Haircutting women with stretching (bracing)320420500550
Cutting of the tips along the main length (without hair styling)175
Cutting of the tips along the main length (with hair styling)250
Styling model, cocktail (curling, flipping, ironing, hair styling, styling)300350400
Laying ladies (ironing, styling)200250300
Wedding hairstyle750-850
Braiding is simple / complex (without hair washing)от 180-250
Braiding complex (with hair washing)от 280-350
Children’s haircut up to 10 years old150
Coloring «BbcoS»
ServicePrice (grn.)
1 length2 length3 length4 length
Coloring is classic in one tone500650740870
Besamia coloring6008009201100
Molding, balajing6007509001100
Bronding (Hombres)6007509001100
Removing the color (illumination) (with full coverage of hair double the cost)350450550650
Keratin hair restoration750850950
Rooting to 3 cm520

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