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Wedding cake

Wedding – the most significant event in the life of every human being. Preparations for the wedding begins long before the date of registration. Young and their parents to find, select and order the best wedding ring, a banquet hall, bride, groom’s suit and many others.
The important role played by the choice of the main banquet table decorations – a wedding cake. It should be not just delicious, it has to fascinate visitors. The correct choice of wedding cake will keep the peace of the vibrant atmosphere of the holiday.

Birthday cake from the restaurant Lavilia – is not just sweets. This is true masterpieces of culinary art, in fact makes them a true professional, a master of his craft – Chef Lyudmila Sinelnikovа. Under her strict guidance born the most beautiful and delicious cakes. Cakes, which are able to conquer anyone, even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Menu birthday cakes contain only the best, time-tested and thousands of guests, recipes. Rich taste of Prague, lightness and freshness of fruit Delice Gato, heady traditional Black Forest or Napoleon – choose only to you. But if your heart desires something special – nothing is impossible. Pastry Chef will fulfill all your wishes, and your cake will be not only the most delicious, but also the most original part of your holiday.

More about ordering the cake, the menu and cost, please check with the administrator of the restaurant (044) 331-68-06

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