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Бронирование по телефону

Booking by phone

Do you  need to book a hotel in Kiev, before making a trip to the capital? It is absolutely right! Hotels in Kiev – a common practice for people who value their time and comfort.  Hotel  Lavilia Kiev online service for booking reservations by  phone  helps to do it as quickly as possible – you will spend no more than two or three minutes to get a guaranteed result.

Kiev hotels usually offer a variety of pre-order numbers and locations. It Hotels in Kiev – the easiest way to secure a hassle-free number in the right place at the right time.

The ability to book a hotel in Kiev over the phone or via online panel is convenient for business people, business travelers, and just being in the moment, in any part of the globe. Hotel Lavilia, like other hotels in Kiev  pleased to welcome guests from all over the world and at any time of the reception will provide you with the highest level of hospitality.

To book a hotel in Kiev – more precisely, in a hotel room Lavilia – you just need to decide on the date of entry and exit and enter the data into a form on the site, or call on + 38 (067) 329-39-84, +38 (044) 229 -42-49.

The next step – you choose the type of room that you need.

Along with the views from the room in advance, you can select the type of food – HB or FB, at the same time remember, breakfast is included in all rates.

Also, our terms and conditions stipulated discounts for  booking two or more rooms . Thus, pre-book a hotel in Kiev, you will not only convenient, but also profitable.

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